Ciao, WordPress

"forcing a smile & waving goodbye" by PappaJack (via

So, apparently there’s already a lovely website called This Ain’t No Disco out there, which showcases the interior design of ad agencies.  To avoid any drama (and because I hate being unoriginal), this li’l blog is shutting down.

Plus, I’ve kinda fallen in love with someone new.  His name’s Tumblr.  It sounds so cliché, but he’s so fun and drama-free!

You can now find me at  Let’s ride.


You’ll be director and I’ll be your movie star

Róisín Murphy, "Movie Star" (via Flickr)

Drag Queens. Lobster Rape. Zombie Attack.

Róisín Murphy, let’s be friends.

Haiku Review of “Public Enemies”

Inspired by The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current, I present two reviews of “Public Enemies” in haiku form (5-7-5 is just too durn constraining for one!).

Johnny Depp in "Public Enemies" (via

HD film, nice touch.

A li’l long, but fun to watch.

Kudos, Michael Mann.

Christian Bale in "Public Enemies" (via

Cameo-full cast!

Where’ve they all been hiding?

Leelee Sobieski…?

(Ugh, is her last name three or four syllables?  Aw, screw it.)

The Longest (read: “Best”) Day of the Year

Wishing a Happy 12th Birthday/Happy Father’s Day to Natalie and Dad! (Respectively, of course.)

Natalie Soccer Ball

To the tough girl who can kick ass on the soccer field, rock out on clarinet and still find the time to bake a mean batch of snickerdoodles.

Natalie Flower Bench

To the guy who just helped me drag four years of my life back across the country. Also, the one man who has me beat for the title of Nap King.

Dad Napping

To quote a certain Canadian, “It’s cool, it’s cool to love your family.” I gonna try cooking dinner for these crazy kids tonight. Photos of my success/culinary abortion to come.  Wish me luck!

P.S.: “But Paaaaaaaddy, this sappy stuff is boring!” Ok, fine. Here’s a kewl music video by La Roux that’s been making the rounds, complete with heavy-handed ’80s imagery.

I’m In Love With A Robot

"Junior: The Girl And The Robot," by Röyksopp via Flickr

Who wouldn’t want to shack up w/ a robot?  Sure, any hope for a soul is replaced by whirring motors and buzzing circuity.  But the reliability!  The innovation!

This is really just an excuse for me to post a live concert video of Röyksopp with Robyn.  But it’s so worth it, n’est-ce pas?


In Which I Argue with my Inner Child about Jewish Holidays

"Inner Child VII: Naughty," by Steve Heath via Flickr

5-year-old Me: [Looks around office] All of your Jewish co-workers are out ?  Happy Hanukkah!

22-year-old Me: Nooo… Passover.  Hanukkah’s usually in December.

5-year-old Me: Passa-whuh?

22-year-old Me: Y’know, the holiday marking the exodus of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt?  We watched a “Rugrats” special on it?  Duh?

5-year-old Me: … Let’s ride bikes!*

*Editor’s Note: I should not think up blog posts before my first cup of coffee…

April 6 Edition…

"Mockingbird with a Tasty Morsel," by Marcus Smith via Flickr

Day late!  Family is in town!  Exhausted, but hooray!

1. Who likes new computer backgrounds?

Neon Rings via Lifehacker

I know I do!  In any case, I’d highly suggest the Neon Rings wallpaper with built-in widgets that just got some coverage over at Lifehacker.  Pretty rainbow colors, a dark energy-saving background and shiny things that move?  Bestillmyheart…

2. M4M, 22, Wants Hawt Web 3.0 Action

Hey Twitterers (Tweeps?)!  Are you obsessed with finding filth for free online?  Love checking out which grad student’s trolling for sex in your college library (coughcoughBobstcough)?  Purposely stare at people on the street, hoping they’ll post something on Missed Connections about you?  Then come follow bestCL!  A good buddy of mine started this with one simple goal: to spotlight the freakiest Craigslist ads o’ the day.  Suggestions welcome!  (And yes, I just blogged about Twitter about C’list.  Meta-bluh.)

3. Röyksopp Destroys Los Angeles… With Music!

Well, with magic Space Invaders-shaped lights.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just can’t stop listening to their newest album, “Junior.”  Goddamn, Scandinavians are the best.