Les revendications post-modernistes des acteurs travestis

Filmed “Everybody Wants to be Juliet” for our Advanced Conversation project today. Despite the early morning start time of 7 a.m. [“Hey, it’s like we’re doing a real movie!”] and slow start, the work actually went fairly well.


“Paddy, an American theatre director, has come all the way to France to help direct a troupe of Parisian actors in a production of “Romeo and Juliet.” With the help of his co-director Tina and world-famous costumer Christina, he seems ready for anything. Well… almost anything.

A scheming Hollywood star forced to play the Nurse, gender confusion between the two main actors, and the world’s worst botching of Shakespeare since Keanu Reeves did “Much Ado About Nothing,” this production is nothing less than a real nightmare.

“Everybody wants to be Juliette” (or, “Les revendications post-modernistes des acteurs travestis”), is a short film created in conjunction with students from NYU-in-France and IUT at Paris V.”

We’re hopefully going to get the movie posted soon on the NYU-Paris website. More info as soon as it comes!


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