Monthly Archives: September 2007

In Search of the LOL, Part 1: Incredibly Pregnant Women

A few days ago, while I was stirring the soy milk into my morning coffee, I came to an unfortunately startling realization:

I have a fucked-up sense of humor.

This isn’t to say I only laugh at “fucked-up ” situations (i.e.: black comedy, death, terrorism, outed conservative senators. . . oh wait). Instead, I have neither found rhyme nor reason to what actually makes me LOL.

And so I present a new feature to this blog. Something I’m calling “In Search of the LOL,” I’d like to find out what makes me actually laugh out loud. To determine what works of comedy, absurdity, or just general randomness tickle my funny bone, and hopefully discover some link between these seemingly independent events.

Case #1: Bonnie, the ever-present pregnant neighbor on “Family Guy.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bonnie: I don’t want to bring a new baby into the world with him hanging around.

Peter: Okay Bonnie, first of all, you’ve been pregnant for like six years, alright? Either have the baby or don’t.

Umm. . . HAH!