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El Junque Waterfall

La Mina Waterfall, El Yunque Rainforest

Puerto Rico, March 2007


AuralSex 1: Finale/New Beginnings

Hockneyized Bay Bridge

Let’s welcome a new feature on the blog, which I’m calling AuralSex. It’s a collection of wondrous sounds that make love to your ears. Plus, they call you the next day at work, just to see how you’re doing!

I’ll be frequently updating with new playlists, interviews and ramblings.

So pack your bags, get in the car and wave goodbye to 2007 as you drive off. It’s a new year and you are ready.

With that in mind, let’s start 2008 with some quality music all about beginnings and ends. From somber visits to a friend’s gravestone, to dreams of flying away, each song has a different answer about what it means to leave our past behind and start anew.

Download “Finale/New Beginnings” Here

  1. Objects Of My Affection – Peter Bjorn & John
  2. Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Hearbroken – Camera Obscura
  3. Forca – Nelly Furtado
  4. Dreams – The Cranberries
  5. Running – No Doubt
  6. Cold Wind – The Arcade Fire
  7. Forecast Fascist Future (IQU remix) – Of Montreal
  8. The New Year – Death Cab For Cutie
  9. Breathe Me – Sia
  10. Wicked Little Town – The Breeders
  11. If You Fall – Azure Ray
  12. Oh My God Ft. Lily Allen – Mark Ronson
  13. New World – Björk
  14. Happy Home – Garbage
  15. Little Bird – Annie Lennox

After the jump, a selection of music videos from the included tracks.

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