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In Search of the LOL, Part 3: The VGL Gay Boys

Last night, during a routine visit up to Columbia, my good friend/partner-in-queer-crime Zach introduced me to the wonder that is the VGL Gay Boys.  From Vulture:

In these semi-scripted video sketches, Cole Escola usually plays the funny guy (or gal—Bernadette Peters, say) to Jeffrey Self’s “straight” man, wrapping up sketches with intimations of murder—he says, in true improv-class form, that “it ups the stakes.”

Um, how have I not seen these before last night?

My personal favorite:

“And he runs into the burglars from the first one, and they chase after him…”

“Yes, and they just murder him.  They murder that poor boy.”


I <3 Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Headshots

Why, you may ask?  Let me count the ways… Continue reading