April 6 Edition…

"Mockingbird with a Tasty Morsel," by Marcus Smith via Flickr

Day late!  Family is in town!  Exhausted, but hooray!

1. Who likes new computer backgrounds?

Neon Rings via Lifehacker

I know I do!  In any case, I’d highly suggest the Neon Rings wallpaper with built-in widgets that just got some coverage over at Lifehacker.  Pretty rainbow colors, a dark energy-saving background and shiny things that move?  Bestillmyheart…

2. M4M, 22, Wants Hawt Web 3.0 Action

Hey Twitterers (Tweeps?)!  Are you obsessed with finding filth for free online?  Love checking out which grad student’s trolling for sex in your college library (coughcoughBobstcough)?  Purposely stare at people on the street, hoping they’ll post something on Missed Connections about you?  Then come follow bestCL!  A good buddy of mine started this with one simple goal: to spotlight the freakiest Craigslist ads o’ the day.  Suggestions welcome!  (And yes, I just blogged about Twitter about C’list.  Meta-bluh.)

3. Röyksopp Destroys Los Angeles… With Music!

Well, with magic Space Invaders-shaped lights.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just can’t stop listening to their newest album, “Junior.”  Goddamn, Scandinavians are the best.


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