The Longest (read: “Best”) Day of the Year

Wishing a Happy 12th Birthday/Happy Father’s Day to Natalie and Dad! (Respectively, of course.)

Natalie Soccer Ball

To the tough girl who can kick ass on the soccer field, rock out on clarinet and still find the time to bake a mean batch of snickerdoodles.

Natalie Flower Bench

To the guy who just helped me drag four years of my life back across the country. Also, the one man who has me beat for the title of Nap King.

Dad Napping

To quote a certain Canadian, “It’s cool, it’s cool to love your family.” I gonna try cooking dinner for these crazy kids tonight. Photos of my success/culinary abortion to come.  Wish me luck!

P.S.: “But Paaaaaaaddy, this sappy stuff is boring!” Ok, fine. Here’s a kewl music video by La Roux that’s been making the rounds, complete with heavy-handed ’80s imagery.


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