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Haiku Review of “Public Enemies”

Inspired by The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current, I present two reviews of “Public Enemies” in haiku form (5-7-5 is just too durn constraining for one!).

Johnny Depp in "Public Enemies" (via

HD film, nice touch.

A li’l long, but fun to watch.

Kudos, Michael Mann.

Christian Bale in "Public Enemies" (via

Cameo-full cast!

Where’ve they all been hiding?

Leelee Sobieski…?

(Ugh, is her last name three or four syllables?  Aw, screw it.)


I <3 Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Headshots

Why, you may ask?  Let me count the ways… Continue reading

Worth Watching: “Batman: Gotham Knight”

Padraic Wheeler /

With everyone gearing up for the release of “The Dark Knight” (have you bought your tickets yet?), most of the hubbub surrounds Heath Ledger’s performance.  But if I could divert your attention from the late thespian for just one moment, I’d like to introduce you to “Batman: Gotham Knight.”

It’s pretty much “The Animatrix” for Batman, with six interlocking stories created by notable directors and comics writers.  Alex and I rented it last night, and we were hooked.  I’d see it again just for the “Have I Got a Story for You” chapter.

For all the gayz out there, look out for the “Ugly Betty” connection.  Ana Ortiz (a.ka.: Betty’s older sister Hilda on “U.B.”) contributes her voice to the character Anna Ramirez, a police officer and true believer in the Dark Knight.

iamJas /

P.S.: Kevin Conroy, please don’t ever die.  No one could ever replace you as the Voice of Batman.