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In Search of the LOL, Part 3: The VGL Gay Boys

Last night, during a routine visit up to Columbia, my good friend/partner-in-queer-crime Zach introduced me to the wonder that is the VGL Gay Boys.  From Vulture:

In these semi-scripted video sketches, Cole Escola usually plays the funny guy (or gal—Bernadette Peters, say) to Jeffrey Self’s “straight” man, wrapping up sketches with intimations of murder—he says, in true improv-class form, that “it ups the stakes.”

Um, how have I not seen these before last night?

My personal favorite:

“And he runs into the burglars from the first one, and they chase after him…”

“Yes, and they just murder him.  They murder that poor boy.”


Weekend Excursion to the New Museum


With a little preview of spring last weekend, Alex and I decided to venture out of hibernation for the day. After a delicious brunch of chocolate-chip pancakes with our friend Alissa, the three of us walked from Chelsea down to the Bowery to check out the New Museum.

I’d heard some of the hubbub around the museum, especially around the ACT UP/Gran Fury neon sign and the rainbow “Hell Yes!” logo on the outside. It’s a fairly small building, compared to its more established cousins like the MOMA or the Guggenheim. But considering what it does have (chair sculptures, anyone?), you won’t be disappointed. Go on a clear day for great views on the seventh floor Sky Terrace. Continue reading