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In Search of the LOL, Part 2: Pugz

So, there’s plenty of things I’ve been meaning to write about.  Prop 8 passing, the ensuing rallies, the “Milk” movie.  But then I got distracted by pugs.

You do NOT understand.  You just can’t.  Pugs will take over the world with their cuteness.  I mean… those head tilts!  They’re hypnotic.

Actually important blog entries to come once these dogs’ vise-like grip on my attention has been broken.  Oh, and homework.  Should finish that up, too.

(Kudos to Rich over at FourFour for finding this garden of pugly delight!)

UPDATE: Just remembered what these dogs reminded me of.  The Kodama spirits from “Princess Mononoke”!


My name’s Nathaniel! I like to dance!

Yes, it’s the end of the week, and all bets are off!

Here’s a little YouTube video brought to you by E’s “The Soup.” I just can’t stop watching it.

Want more ? Check out the various “Yo Gabba Gabba” remixes that people-with-a-little-too-much-time-on-their-hands have posted. I’d highly suggest “NathanielRol’d.”


To escape the tedium of the daily metro ride, I’ve started downloading various video podcasts off of the Apple Store. My favorite so far has been Channel Frederator. With its mix of CalArts animation projects, old “Oh Yeah! Cartoons” clips, and the occasional music video, it’s a welcome fix for my Saturday-morning-cartoons addiction.

I’d highly suggest Episodes 43, 48 and 51.